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We are your home for Nationally Accepted 100% online anger management classes from a leading provider. Our online anger management program has been accepted thousands of times in ALL US states and internationally by courts and employers. We have a reputation for being one of the most widely accepted online anger management programs in the world.

The 4, 6, 8,10 12, 16, 26, 36 hour online anger management classes/courses offered by Conflict Coaching and Consulting, PLLC, are professionally developed anger management courses delivered in an online format that one can access 24/7 for court, business and personal reasons. Our technologically advanced software instantly delivers enrollments letters, interactive audio-visual content, and printable certificates of completion in a personalized courseroom

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What clients are saying...

Excellent Course!!! I would highly recommend to anyone to improve their lives. I was in an abusive relationship and this respectfully pointed out the mistakes I made in my decision making process and in my communication and coping skills. It does a good job at not making you feel bad about your mistakes, but that they are methods to help you learn. Thank you!! I told my Mom all about it and now she wants me to spend time with my niece and nephew coaching them with what I learned here. Glad I took notes :) Amy, California

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to take this course. By taking this course it helped me see anger from a different perspective. I do believe that this course will benefit anyone whether it is court appointed or anyone else who wants to better themselves. I learned a tremendous amount about anger management and emotional competence. I want to thank Dr. Carlos for his support and guidance. This is a terrific course and I would recommend it to anyone who has problems with anger management. Sincerely, Blake

I was very surprised when I found myself so engaged in the lessons. Between listening to what is said and reading along with the narrator I found the information really stuck. I'd be more than comfortable saying this site is 9/10!! Fred, Alaska

I thought this online anger management class was going to be a waste of time, but I actually learned a great deal, especially about communicating! Great course, would recommend it to anyone! Jared, New Mexico

This online anger management course was great. It was easy to understand, excellent content, great graphics, and affordable. Felt like I was in a real classroom, but I could take a break when I wanted. When I had a problem registering (my computer not acting right) I called the number provided and I was helped immediately. I would highly recommend this course, whether it's court ordered or as personal enrichment. Justin, Georgia

I've taken other online anger management classes, I must say yours is by far the best. I will be recommending this course. Robert, Texas

I have taken many anger management classes throughout my some what violent past, but really like the approach you take. Many other courses contain fluff with mushy content but your course took a simple and logical approach. Thank You!

he adquirido nuevas tecnicas de resolucion en problemas y manejo del estres, ahora tengo que ponerlas en practicas. Tambien me di cuenta de las cosas que estaba equivocado en la tecnica de resolver mi estres. Agustin, Texas

This is the second course that I have taken with these programs. It was far more intense than the 8 hour course, but overall the material covered and the way in which it was presented was again outstanding. Thank you. Charles.

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