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Read what others have to say about the Conflict Coaching & Consulting LLC Online Anger Management program.  Below are but a few of the many comments we receive each month about our program. 

My experiences with this online anger management course was a great one. I learned so many new helpful tools. It was so amazing the way that the courses are broken into easy to understand modules. I know the information I've have gained from this class will stick with me. This online course is very knowledgeable and would recommend this class to other people with anger problems. Mat, California 

Your online anger management course was great. Filled with very useful information in regards to anger management I didn't even have the slightest clue about. I feel some of the techniques mentioned will really help me cope with conflicting problems in the near future. Thanks for such a great program guys! Austin, Florida

My experience was awesome. The information was set up in a manner that made it really sink in. It was quite informative and now that I  know how easy the whole process can be I wish I had come across your company years ago. Thank you. Daniel, Ohio

I took a look at the way I communicate during conflict, and noticed that I have some bad habits and use some negative forms of communication. Now that I'm aware of these issues, I can work towards resolving them and becoming a better communicator, expressing myself and not bottling up emotions. Conflict resolution will be a much smoother process for me from now on. Jordan, Texas

The course was actually very truthful honest and it's amazing how when you hear things and read them they are everyday emotions that we deal with in life whether with family, friends and or in the work place. As I was taking the online anger management course it was like I was reliving certain moments in my life. Adrian, California

Your online anger management course was very helpful. I enjoyed the fact that I could review the course as many times as I wanted. I like the interaction of slides and audio. Thank you and best wishes to all. Regards, Brad

I thought the Conflict Coaching experience was well needed. This experience has assisted me with creative ways on how to deal with conflicting situations regardless of the circumstances. There are many different environments and situations where individuals abuse power and this class assisted with dealing with these difficult and trying times when one is faced with such unethical behaviors. I appreciate the course however, the emotional competence test questions was quite challenging. I will recommend this course to others. Good job in presenting the information.

I did the 16 hour course online anger management course. It was very educational and I will admit I was surprised. I have done many anger managements in the past in classrooms, but this was way better and technology was up to date. It saved me 16 weeks of driving back and forth and just for an hour a week to watch 1980's videos on anger. Overall it was actually a great experience. I was actually ordered by the court to do 8 weeks of anger management and would have tied me up for 8 weeks, since they only offer it for 1 hour a week. I doubled my time and got it done quickly. It was challenging and I strongly recommend to take notes as you watch the slides and as any information is read to you. That's also the great part reads to you! I was impressed though I spent $139, but anger management course at the County department was $60 an hour. Times that by 8 and you $480 + Gas+ Driving time + 1 hour of your day sitting there. I got twice the time for a third of cost and and done in only two days. If you have any questions before taking any of the courses you can email me any personal questions at James, Ohio

I've learned that I have some aggression problems, and through better communication conflicts in the future will be easily resolved. One fact I feel will help me most of all is how I view future confrontations. Looking at every conflict from here on out as a test for being a better communicator. Gives me a whole new outlook on life and everyday interaction. This was a great start to a new beginning and I strongly recommend everyone to take a chance on completing this online anger management course, for it brings self awareness. Ronald, Virginia

This was a very comprehensive, highly educational, and solid road-map to being a better person in not only managing anger, but in communicating with and understanding others in every aspect of life. The material is very concise and fresh. It gave me a sense that I have learned from the most intelligent sets of information and professional advice on the subject matters, out there. I will be using these new tools throughout the rest of my life very motivationally and optimistically and also will do my best so help others live better lives through sharing such great wisdom that I’ve learned. Speaking with Carlos on the phone was another honor – just in that short conversation proved to be very compassionate, understanding and even resilient (new power-word term I’ve learned from this course that I cherish. Thank you! Jon, Florida

I certainly did learn some new approaches to situations in life which I always welcome. It actually had been a while since I had an in-depth look into myself and my actions so I found it refreshing to do so once again. I did have a positive attitude about taking this online anger management course even though I was being forced too, so my openness to the workshop was my way of learning from this. On the whole I really did enjoy the class. Paul, Florida

I really appreciate this program. It was really convenient to be able to log on and off of this program as needed. I am taking this class because of a court order. If it wasn’t for this online course I might be in jail. I highly recommend this class for people with court orders as well as for people who need help dealing with everyday issues. Cierra, Georgia

I was court ordered to take anger management classes and have a block on my license until i could complete the anger management course, so to drive to anger management i was at risk of getting caught driving! i don`t know what they expected me to do! until my mom found this great way to solve my problem taking it online, now that i completed this online anger management course one less on the stress list!!! thank you! sincerely . Scott, Ohio

I learned to take time out and think before blowing up and what could be my out come if I do. And acting out isn't always good. I also learned that acting out do not produce the outcome i was looking for in the first place. Acting out and blowing also hurts the people that i am talking to. I learned when faced with those situations that i need to think and and avoid the situation. Sade, Arizona

This was very convenient online anger management class and easy to use, the customer service was also great! Tracy, Florida

The online anger management course was very well done. I feel I learned a great deal. Everything I have learned from this course will aid me in my daily life. Mark, California

I believe you have made a great extensive way for people to learn about anger and communication skills; overall it was a great experience easy to use and follow the online anger management program. It has helped me understand the proper way to handle conflict in my day to day life and I would like to thank you for making a program so enjoyable to use and learn with. Thank you- Nicholas, Texas

I think that the online anger management class taught me a lot about controlling anger. There were a lot of effective ideas and ways to communicate when you’re angry without being rude or disrespectful. Michael, Florida

This was a very useful and informative online anger management course. It really helped me to think about how to prevent and deal with stressful situations. Allan, Texas

My experience was amazing. I loved the online anger management course. I found it very interesting and informative, I’ve learned a lot, and I had a lot of fun completing the course as well. Thank you Guys for your help now God willing I can move forward and be a better person. Thank you again and I appreciate all the tools you guys provided to help me become a better person. God bless best regards. Anthony, Texas

My experience with this online anger management course was pretty good I felt like I learned a lot from this and also there are some things that I will apply right when I get off the site. Just to be a better communicator will take you far in life when you’re more positive; your life will be more positive. Terrance, Texas

My experience  in this online anger management class was great, I learn so much about how to deal with different situations in my life, I wish I learn before separating from the mother of my kids, my selfish ways and my non-negotiable ways didn’t let me see the big picture in our relation. I will be sure to apply it on my next relationship. Thank you so much. Ralph, Florida


During the videos I have learned how to manage my anger and effectively communicate without getting my anger out of hand. I have gained the ability to control and resolve the conflict with effectiveness. I hope that through this I can become to learn and apply what I have learned in online anger management class. I found it very helpful and extremely easy to understand with the lessons provided! Thanks for the ability to take this and learn from it to apply to my everyday life! Cassandra, Texas

This course was really easy to take. It was easy to follow along with and easy to understand. I do not have the luxury of taking a class at a facility anywhere close to my home, so this was my only other option, and it turned out to be a great one! I am very happy, and would surely recommend this online anger management course to anyone! Thank You! Jesus, Iowa

I have learned a lot  from this online anger management class about my feelings and how to control them. Also techniques to understanding and going about conflict resolution.I now know that I can apply these to every day life.Taking time out to consider others feelings is always better than some initial reactions that Ive made in my past. Dallas Concord, NC

Very quick, very easy, and it was beautifully made. This program was worth every penny. Gabby Houston, TX

I enjoyed taking the online anger management class. I liked how you can read along and this was great exercise. I was surprised with Conflict Coaching's class content. This really helped a great deal. Kimberly,  Miami, FL

It was overall an easy online anger management course. Holly, LA, California

I absolutely loved your online Anger Management Course and would highly recommend it to my friends and family. The online course was affordable to me and very convenient in fact, as my family watched tv in the living room I was comfortable sitting on my couch with my laptop and earplugs on and taking the course online wearing my pj's...Yeepee! Does not get any better than that, huh? This class taught me many things about myself and I will use many of these tools in the future. One more thing I must praise them for is their customer support/email support...I had a question about the course I emailed them and got a response right away... Thank You and I will recommend you to many!!! Sincerely, A Very Satisfied Texas Online Customer :)

I've learned so much during this online anger management class that will definitely make me aware of future issues, my feelings, and the way I interact with others. I've learned to realize that I play a major role in how stress affects me. The courses were insightful, well-thought out and very interactive. Andrew, Texas

The 8 hour online anger management class was easy to follow. I got my certificate instantly. Great system !!!! Overall very pleased. Harry--Chicago, IL

I learned a lot from this online anger management class. It was very easy to understand and believe me when I say that you have to watch the modules or you will not going to pass the test!! Gloria, FL


Taking the online anger management class has both identified my communication short comings and has provided me with tools in which I need to control my anger and become a more effective communicator. I learned a lot of tools that I will being to put into use .I have in the past found it difficult to express my feeling effectively which has cause me to shout and shut down at times .I am confident that these classes have open new communications door for me.I am so happy and thankful that I had the opportunity to take this online anger management course. Steven, Texas

I thought this course was very informative and effective. It was thought provoking that was followed up by professional testing and a verification link making it that much more useful. Great job and a very useful way to use the internet. All people could use this course. Howard Duluth, MN

I would also like to say that this course was very informative, very helpful, and well put together. I learned a lot of valuable information that can be very helpful and easy to use in my personal, as well as in my business life, and is a course that I would recommend to anyone. Tammy--Boston, MA  

The online class is an excellent way to participate in the Anger Management Class. I was able to interact with the instructor and my classmates with no problem. The audio and visual aspects of the class gave me a real classroom feel. I recommend this to anyone looking to improve themselves and their family situation!  F. Graham, NY

Thanks Carlos. I was looking for a class for my spouse. Your program was great. You mailed out the free certificate as promised. I would recommend this class to anyone. Mark--Jacksonville, FL      

Your class was great. I was able to apply it to my life the next day. As you know I travel a lot and learning how to deal with the differences in people was not a strength of mine. From your class I learned not to take the actions of others personally. This is a simple idea but for me it was life changing. Harold--Austin, TX

I would recommend the course to anyone who needs to take anger management because you can keep going over the material and each time you get more out of it. It is much better than attending a class where you are restricted to time with a instructor and there are distractions in these type of classes.If you fail the test the first time or second you have the time to do each module over and the fact that each time you do it,the test is different which makes it even better as you have to concentrate on the audio-visual even more. This course is a excellent tool for this type of behavior. Allison-- Newark, NJ

After extensive online research I decided on Carlos Todd's Anger Management Class, President of Conflict Coaching & Consulting. It contains elements of Sociology,Psychology, and Philosophy I studied in college.Compared to all other courses,online and locally taught,I found it to be the best. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT ! Joe--Louisville, KY

I must admit that I have learned more about myself than I was ever willing to admit. I loved the format. Before taking your course, I really assumed that I was right in my world. I rarely stepped into to the other persons shoes when trying to resolve a conflict. I have always tried to take charge of the conversation instead of letting go. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you. Kenneth, Houston, TX

As a bus driver you meet all kinds of people. Your course gave me the tools to stay calm. Patty, New York, NY

I would like to thank you for your online anger management classes I was very pleased with the class it was very informative and very well done I feel that has taught me some valuable skill to further help me in this area.It also gave me some exercises that will help me communicate with others which in turn help me grow I realized how ugly anger can be I want to THANK YOU AGAIN     Adam, Charleston, SC

I have learned quite a bit in learning how to recognize conflict and will use better communication skills in dealing with conflicts in my work and home. I am glad your website was recommended for me. I will also recommend this website for a course in dealing with anger management. Thank You. Jane Lansing, MI

This course is very complete, I really think it tackles every aspect of how to manage anger and how to communicate, and what causes it and how we can deal with them. Thanks for everything i really enjoyed this course and i really learned a lot. Thanks Sincerely, Ricky Orlando, FL

Very interesting and well put together! Elaine Bowie, MD

I enjoyed the presentation. I liked how I was able to complete an anger management class at my home. Adrian, Atlanta, GA

I felt that this course was very helpful. It gave me better insight on things that I was and was not doing when communicating with other people. I will definitely recommend this program!! Candy, Minneapolis, MN  

I enjoyed your courses very much. There was a lot of really good information in here that opened up my mind to finding different ways in dealing with my anger and problems that occur on a daily basis. I am one to know that life is either a bowl of hobble or a bucket of cherries. Thanks again.  Allison, Denver, CO

Not as bad as I thought it would be. Quite informative and delightful Christopher, Kissimmee, FL

It is a great course. I learned alot!! Thank you. Frank Tampa Bay, FL

This course has helped me greatly. I will use the skills I have learned in all of my daily interactions.  Max LA,   California

I found the modules to be helpful with communication in just about any setting. Charles Chaska, MN

The anger management course has really open my eyes in many different ways. I will totally use the techniques to make my daily life better as well as other people lives. Thank You.   Andy Detroit, MI 

I can't begin to describe how happy i am that i took this class i learned alot in a just a few hours things that will benefit me today and tomorrow i am glad i made the choice to take this course it has made me more aware about my behavior. Jose Houston, TX

This experience has helped me understand some of the reason why I am so angry...and it has also taught me many ways to deal with the anger and stress so that I am not taking all that negative emotion out on anyone. Kate Houston, TX


The course was very educational and much easier to learn from than another course I took online. Kwan, Alabama

Very informative course. I have sat through classes with someone actually speaking. I found this online anger management class to be less distracting and more informative than being in a classroom full of other people. James, New Mexico

I believe the experience was remarkable, it allowed me to see how i can go about my anger in a different way a way that i probably would of never saw before! see it works i start using the "I" INSTEAD of the "YOU". It was a great learning experience and it had a very positive effect on me, the things that I learned with each module i will take it and apply it to my everyday life. Helen, Los Angeles, CA

Your online anger management course was easy to login to. Presented real world situations. Information was clear, direct and easy to understand and follow. Roberta, Iowa simplified the anger management experience for me. It allowed me to acknowledge many of the types of conflict I was involved in and has allowed me to change some "unchangeable" habits.Oh yeah, and the way they made it so convenient for me really helped a great deal Thanks. Timothy--New Mexico

Your online anger management class was fun. John, NY

The online anger management class was very helpful. I learn a lot. Ami, PA

I enjoyed taking the online anger management class. It gave me great tools to better my life in the future both personally and professionally. Thank You.  Gale, Florida

It was very informational. Thanks!  Grant, Texas

Thanks to this course I learned a lot about dealing with people as well as aspects of myself that was taking for granted. Lester, Texas

Very informative online anger management class. I learned a lot. Susan, Michigan

I have learned some helpful techniques to use when or if I get involved in a conflict. I have also learned ways to be less stressed. Wayne, Montana

The course was informative and helpful in dealing with Conflict and Anger issues in my life. I would recommend it to others. Simon, Maryland 

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